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About Course Reserves

Course reserves at Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library allows faculty members to put items on restricted loan so their students may have access during the time the Library is open.

Electronic reserve service is provided through Blackboard.  The Library staff can scan an item and upload it to Blackboard or more likely email it to the professor for them to upload to the class content.

Physical course reserves are items such as books, DVDs, videos, and equipment.  Faculty reserve items are restricted to the students enrolled in that course.

Reserves FAQ

  • How much of a book can I scan?  
    • Generally speaking, 10% is the maximum use to still be in compliance with the Fair Use Act.
  • How many copies can I put on reserve?  
    • 1 copy per 15 students  
  • Can I put personal copies on reserve?  
    • Yes, but if the library also has a copy of it, we will put ours on instead..
  • I want to put this textbook on reserve so that my students won’t have to purchase it. Is that ok?  
    • NO! This is a direct violation of Fair Use in the world of Copyright Law.
  • How long does it take to get something put on reserve?  
    • We will make every effort to get it on as soon as possible, but a 3-day head start is recommended.  For example, 4:30 is not the greatest time to bring something that your students are required to read that evening.

Reserve Forms

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