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Open Educational Resources (OER): Research and News about OER


Many people are skeptical about OERs, and that's totally fine! It would be irresponsible of us to recommend something without doing the research on it ourselves, and we encourage you to read through the research yourself, too! On this page we have collected news stories and published research that has been written on the topic of OERs. This page will be updated as we find more research and stories to update it with.

If you have questions about finding or using OER resources, contact:

Cynthia Brissey
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


Beth Rogers
Director of Library Services

Research about OER

Appedu, S., Elmquist, M., Wertzberger, J. and Birch, S., (2021).  Inequitable Impacts of Textbook Costs at a Small, Private College: Results from a Textbook Survey at Gettysburg CollegeOpen Praxis, 13(1), p.69-87.DOI:

Luo, T., Hostetler, K.,  Freeman, C. & Stefaniak, J. (2020) The power of open: benefits, barriers, and strategies for integration of open educational resources, Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning, 35:2, 140-158, DOI: 10.1080/02680513.2019.1677222

Colvard, N.B., Watson, C. E, & Park, H. (2018).  The Impact of Open Educational Resources on Various Student Success MetricsInternational Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 30(2).  262-276. 

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OER Hub – group dedicated to researching the impact of OER on teaching and learning practices; - 2014 Evidence report can be found here: 

Clements, K., & Pawlowski, J. (2012). User-oriented quality for OER: understanding teachers' views on re-use, quality, and trust. Journal Of Computer Assisted Learning, 28(1), 4-14.

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