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Open Educational Resources (OER): Media Creation Tools

Infographics, Concept Maps and Timeline Creators

Infographics are visual representation of content. This can be anything from a different way to convey data to a new way to create handouts for presentations. 

Concept Maps are visual representations of how to layout a process. Usually, the user starts with a central subject or idea, and then will branch out from there. 

Timeline Creators (online) are a different way to create an interactive timeline. Occasionally, the features can be limited, however, the final product is generally clean and easy to navigate. 

Podcasting and Screencasting

Podcasts are presentations that present audio content. Some of the open source software available to podcast through have great multi-function purpose. For example, using Audacity (a sound recorder), users can create an voice-over narration that can be applied to PowerPoint. Conversely, they could create a podcast. 

Screencasting is much more specific. When someone screencasts, they are recording actions on their computer screen for a set purpose. This is great for teaching distance learners how to use software, or recording a demonstration of something on the computer. 

Infographic Creators

Below are some infographic creators that you can use to create dynamic visuals to assist you in class, during presentations, or to recommend to students for assignments.

Canva - Canva can be used to make infographics, flyers, posters, social media posts, newsletters, and more using pre-existing templates. It's very user-friendly, and one of my go-to recommendations for web-based data-visualization tools. 

Piktochart - Piktochart is an infographic creator. Pre-existing templates make creation of new infographics very easy. The templates can be modified with relative ease, to suit the needs of the user. - is another infographic creator. The user interface can be more confusing than Piktochart, but the final product is just as nice

Visme - Visme can be used to create infographics, presentations, videos, graphics, and documents

Podcasting and Screencasting

Below are a couple podcasting and screencasting tools.

Audacity - Free, downloadable sound recorder and editor. Great for recording lectures or podcasts. Requires codex downloads to save as an MP3, but the source is built-in, so no searching on the user's part is required. Very simple and user-friendly audio recorder. 

Snagit - Free screencasting tool from TechSmith that allows users to record (with voice-over) actions on their screen. Software must be downloaded to the computer for use. 

Screencast-o-matic - Free, web-based screencasting tool that allows users to record voice-over and actions on the screen. User-friendly, with a tutorial on the homepage for new users. 

Concept Map Creators

Below are examples of concept map creators for you to use or to recommend to students. - is a very simple concept map creator. The interface is very easy to use, and modifying the boxes takes very little experience with online tools. Concept maps are very simple and clean in the final product.

Popplet - Popplet is an online tool that also has an app version. (Disclaimer: the app is currently only available through Apple's app store). Don't let the brightly colored interface dismay you; this application is great for anyone who needs to map out information.

Timeline Creators

Listed below are a couple of timeline creators for anyone who wants to create interactive timelines.

Preceden - Simple timeline creation tool. Points along the timeline can be hovered-over to see the information. In the free basic plan, there are a limited number of timelines available. 

Time Toast - Another simple, sliding timeline creator. The points of note can be clicked on, so the user can access the more specific information in that point of the timeline. 

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