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Open Educational Resources (OER): Using Library Resources as Course Materials

Library Resources in the Classroom

Library resources, like open educational resources, can help to reduce educational costs for students when used to replace or supplement other educational resources.

Library resources can include physical or electronic books, scholarly articles, news sources, streaming media, and more.

To learn more about using library resources as class readings and resources, contact

Beth Rogers
Director of Library Services

Physical Course Reserves

Physical copies of books, journals, media, or technology can be placed on physical reserve in the library.

This might include:

  • Library books or other collection items
  • A personal copy of a book or movie
  • Calculators or other equipment needed to complete a project or assignment

Instructors can determine the loan period for physical reserves.  Options include:

  • 1 hour in library use
  • 3 hour in library use
  • Overnight loan
  • 3 day loan

For more information about using course reserves, contact

Carol Bowman
Coordinator of Access Services & Acquisitions Librarian

Electronic Books & Articles

Faculty can select to include diverse readings or other materials in their courses by using items available through the library's subscription databases.  The library offers free to users access to thousands of full-text electronic books, journal articles, news and magazine articles, and streaming audio and video media.  

When using library resources in your courses, please consider linking directly to the item through Blackboard rather than saving copies and uploading the copy.

For assistance finding library resources or linking those resources in your course, please contact

Beth Rogers
Director of Library Services

Streaming Media

Streaming media resources can be used in the classroom or assigned for viewing outside of class to support student learning.  Films on Demand, the library's streaming media service, offers access to more than 35,000 films covering a wide range of topics to support teaching and learning.

For more information on finding and using streaming media in your course, contact

Beth Rogers
Director of Library Services

Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library
59 College Ave.
Buckhannon, WV 26201