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Biology: Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials can be helpful for learning proper lab techniques, watching experiments, and exploring new biological concepts.  The library works with biology faculty to provide students with recommended video tutorials.


This video, from the Bio Network at the NC Community Colleges system, demonstrates proper micropipetting in the laboratory.

Micropipettes are devices that are used to deliver small volumes of liquid; usually in the range of 0.5 to 1,000 microliters. Like other forms of laboratory instrumentation, the micropipette must be operated with precision so that your measurements can be reproduced consistently. 

It's not hard; so don't be intimidated by it. But it does take practice. Your technique is very important. And since a micropipette delivers such small volumes, a minor operational flaw could make a huge negative impact on the accuracy of your measurements.

In this video, we'll demonstrate the correct technique for using a micropipette. We'll also examine some common micropipetting mistakes.

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